Transport, opslag en logistieke diensten

Fleet of commercial vehicles

Scope and diversity

Willems Transport Rijkevoort owns some tractor units, while our refrigerated and standard trailers are equipped with tailgate lifts.
In addition, we have several lorries and vans which are specially fitted out for the carriage of day-old chicks, a form of transport which has to comply with particularly stringent requirements in view of the vulnerability of the live cargo in question.

On-board computers

Each of our lorries is fitted with an on-board computer. Our scheduling and administration are entirely based and fully integrated with these on-board computers. This offers us access to an extensive range of electronic data on our transport movements. This is not only vital to our own business operations, but also important to our clients. We therefore make private arrangements with our clients regarding the possibility of accessing various electronic data via our customer portal, such as the temperature of the products being carried, arrival times, etc.

In-house maintenance

The fact that we carry out the maintenance, MOT testing (APK) and cleaning of our fleet ourselves enables us to schedule and perform such duties highly efficiently.