Transport, opslag en logistieke diensten


WTR’s background

The humble beginnings of Willems Transport Rijkevoort take us back over eighty years in time to 1930, when Toon Willems and his business partner, Jac van Casteren, set up a road haulage business in Rijkevoort. Then in 1934, Toon Willems opted to go on alone. He commenced operating with a 1932 Chevrolet, followed by the purchase of a 6-ton Opel lorry in 1939, which was requisitioned by the German occupying forces in 1942.

Then, after the war, he purchased a 6-cylinder GMC truck from American army surplus. Given that Oost Brabant was a largely agricultural area at the time, it was more or less a foregone conclusion that the firm would focus on the transport of farm produce.

In 1962, Toon Willems’ eldest son, Peter, joined the firm as a driver. He was followed just a few years later by his younger brothers, Jan and Ton. Subsequent cooperation between Toon and his three sons proved so successful that a new firm, known as Transportbedrijf A. Willems & Zn BV, was founded in 1975. By 1979, over 90% of its capacity of ten lorries was occupied by a single dairy plant. Further expansion was therefore required if it was to continue to serve other customers. The firm’s operations steadily expanded from a fleet of 25 tractor units in the mid-nineteen-eighties, through 35 in the mid-nineties, to its current 55 units.
In 2004, as the firm’s existing buildings were no longer suitable for modern business operations, work commenced on the construction of new premises at Hoogeindsestraat 32 in Rijkevoort.

The death of its Managing Director, Jan Willems, in 2006, proved a huge blow to the firm. It heralded a difficult period, which could only be overcome by means of considerable concerted efforts. However, the appointment of Arie van Rijn as new Managing Director in 2007, rendered the firm ready for the future.

The future of WTR

Willems Transport is keen to develop into a logistics partner to clients, which closely cooperates with contractors in streamlining, supervising and executing the entire logistics process for the company in question. As a co-maker, Willems Transport is the partner to efficiently and adequately assume charge of the entire logistics process on the client’s behalf. Our scheduling forms a link in the chain as it were, virtually becoming part of the client’s business. Given our considerable knowledge and years of experience in the field of logistics and transport, we view ourselves as a reliable partner who can optimise the logistics process in consultation with the client, thus offering it added value.