Transport, opslag en logistieke diensten


General description

Willems Transport Rijkevoort is a family business that has expanded into an international road haulage firm during the past eighty years, largely due to the fact that we offer both our domestic and international customers excellent service and quality of transport. The firm invariably focuses on taking care of the goods which are to be conveyed. Our excellent scheduling system enables us to deliver your goods to the right place, and at the right time. Not only do we provide transport, however, but we are also an all-round logistics service provider which is highly adept in the warehousing, transhipment and distribution of goods.

Positioning in the transport sector

Willems Transport Rijkevoort is a medium-sized logistics service provider. On the one hand, we focus on (refrigerated) transport and the warehousing and transhipment of foodstuffs. However, we also carry out distribution throughout the Benelux countries. We therefore serve Belgium and the Ruhr Area of Germany on a daily basis.