Transport, opslag en logistieke diensten


Conditioned warehousing and transhipment of foodstuffs

In addition to our 2,000 m² of refrigerated warehouse and transhipment space and 2,000 m² of non-conditioned warehouse and transhipment space on site, Willems Transport has several separate warehouses in Rijkevoort and the surrounding area.

Our use of a wide range of racking systems wherever possible enables us to considerably increase our effective storage capacity. Furthermore, we have plans for the future extension of the warehousing and transhipment space at our main premises.

Warehousing and transhipment of bulk

We perform distribution throughout the Benelux for several companies. We store the goods in our warehouse, until we receive word from our clients which goods are to be distributed to their customers.

Tracking & Tracing

The use of advanced forms of information and automation systems in the logistics process enables Willems Transport Rijkevoort to offer its clients and/or the recipients the opportunity to accurately track & trace the distribution of products. Should you wish to avail yourself of this service, then we would be pleased to make a personal appointment to inform you of the options available in this field.

Manual handling and order-picking of goods

Willems Transport Rijkevoort also carries out specific handling operations for the purposes of the order-picking and distribution of particular products.