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Wash bay

We have built an on-site, covered wash bay for our fleet. Its advanced ‘scrubber’ system enables the swift and thorough cleaning of our lorries and trailers. This benefits not only the image of our own firm, but naturally also those of the clients for whom we carry goods.

Our wash bay operates as follows: the lorry is first parked in the bay, whereupon the scrubber system moves over it. The vehicle is first doused with a mixture of soapsuds, then the system’s various brushes move in to scrub all its surfaces. Particular attention is devoted to the rear of the lorries, which usually accumulate the most dirt, so that every single vehicle ends up looking spick and span again. If necessary, the system can also wax the entire vehicle.

Our wash bay is equipped to clean truck and trailer combos up to 19.60 metres long. This implies that it can also accommodate large-volume combos up to 4.20m high and 2.50m wide. The washing time for a truck and trailer combo is just eight minutes. The washing time for a tractor and combo is twelve minutes.
We use this highly advanced and environmentally friendly wash bay not only for our own lorries, but also to clean third parties’ vehicles.

General maintenance

We have our own fully equipped workshop, manned by experienced mechanics who can perform all maintenance required and almost any repairs that prove necessary. The workshop carries out all the maintenance on our own fleet. We also carry out maintenance on third parties’ vehicles under contract.

MOT testing (APK)

We are an approved MOT testing station. We carry out MOTs on not only our own fleet, by also third parties’ vehicles.